Write an essay comparing and contrasting

A comparison and contrast essay is an essay common form used for basic education. Whether curses the last year or want to obtain a doctoral degree, know how to write an essay comparing and contrasting is important. The ultimate goal of your work will be distinguished by differences in what your subject matter.






Write an introductory paragraph. This paragraph serves to raise your essay, so it provides an overview of the topic you show; The introductory paragraph should end with your thesis approach, ie, a sentence describing the goal of your essay.



Choose the topics you want to be treated. Most trials involve two or three issues, but, depending on the extent required for your test, this may vary.




Write one to two paragraphs for the first item and one to two for the second and so on for all. These paragraphs should discuss each topic separately, so do not make reference to a different theme on your individual paragraphs.



Analyzes the issue one and the two, both together, using one to three paragraphs. Di how they relate to each other and what makes them an integral part of the essay topic.



Ask a conclusion. The conclusion serves to summarize your essay and give direction to your thesis. You can even literally repeat your thesis in the conclusion; sure not to forget checking your thesis.


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